“So long as ‘you’ perceive the apparent, ‘you’ will be veiled from the ‘hidden’; so long as ‘you’ are there, you invalidate ‘your’ testimonies; so long as ‘your’ heart is filled with ‘effigies’, each ‘prayer’ {صلاة} will be an act of idolatry {…},”; — Chapter ‘Transition’, ET, AainaA-Ridtz A R Continue reading Transition

— 19:29

We had guests this afternoon — Being in EU in-time is slowing the ‘aging’ process I’ve been told .. that is if you’re living in Asia where you get the glimpse of the moon, and the sun first before the rest of the western world catches up with you, so I’m a tad off where … Continue reading — 19:29

— 06:50

There are ‘people’ in the apparent world of shadows, though how different it may seem to others, an imagery still shows the same edifice, or an advertisement still carries the same message — who are drastically perturbed due to current events of what has already been pre-programmed {as per notched in the Al Lauh Al … Continue reading — 06:50

— 20:03

“You don’t have a blog?” he queried as if I was some strange petrified ‘thing’ in the past. “No. Should I?” “Everyone does,” he continued. Albeit his mistress does. He fidgeted in his seat, almost uncomfortable, his eyes zoning onto the part of the table which was my curriculum vitæ, dotmatrixed on a cheap A4 … Continue reading — 20:03