Shortlisting Abodes

Like preparing a meal with contrasts, textures and tastes, searching for a habitable abode in a protected residential area or an area where security can be implemented is much sought after by homeowners, and I’m not writing about those with more than one.

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La Vie en Rose

There’s a certain something about Paris that rubs in a tad differently than most other major cities — the men and their consorts, the consorts and their cats, the baguettes, the wines, cheeses, the weather, its cultural edifices … even the Père Lachaise cemetery smells fresh; and amidst its bustles, you can feel the silence here.

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Assolutamente Favoloso

After having vetted through several properties globally, since I’m looking for a nest for both Mother and myself, to write my next series of books, and perhaps to entertain the idea of moving a tad closer to where Beauty is, I have in this first series, of “Home Is Where The Heart Is”, identified several homes which I thought I’d share with you — this is of course, the shortlisted ones, in the list.

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