Inter Ipsum et Nos

Life is simple. There are no lies, no evil, no bad things … nor are there good things for things as they are, aren’t in all realities, the very extension except for the indicative that bridges us, the letters that marry to manifest, that first breath, the first word, the very first incarnation in the spheres of reveries.

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We need to read the slants, the indication the story unveils to the next level — This is how things reveal in times of Peace and War, Love and Indifference, between Superman and Lois — the contemporaries see from the angle most comfy for them, in the study.

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Ordo Chaos

Names are beautiful when they are powerful, conceived in the ideation, and can be perceived as negative when they are interpreted negatively. It all comes down to that which resonates in the frequency-interpretation from the wash, therein the purification of (the) fire.

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Medusa cum Ridere

On the other side of Midnight, there are imageries and in its pristine clarity, when you have the courage to pierce through, the very agitation of the transient wave itself could temporarily blind even those without eyes, sightless in an instance, perhaps indefinitely if one is not accustomed to living in it’s darkness.

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Cuore a Cuore

The events in the world reflect the state of humanity’s agitation, that which engenders turbulent changes in the landscapes of the mundane in the transformation of the future of mankind. Today, I Am elsewhere, as the morrows allow me to be elsewhere, for the breath has partaken in the universal dance of Love.

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