Cuore a Cuore

The events in the world reflect the state of humanity’s agitation, that which engenders turbulent changes in the landscapes of the mundane in the transformation of the future of mankind. Today, I Am elsewhere, as the morrows allow me to be elsewhere, for the breath has partaken in the universal dance of Love.

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Die Sexto

To put into words that which is indicative to that which is inexpressible is like descending from the mundane heavens and explaining that which is inexplicable to raw fire, and it’s nature. For fire, in it’s secular destructive state such knowing, is unprecedented.

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Transcendens Hominis

It is twenty fourteen. 2456786.5 that much as of today in Julian years pending the polar re-alignments, and bearing in mind the four years that were subtracted sometime in the seventies, by the Chinese and the Vatican or as it was reported in small secret circles; consistently changing for reasons only unbeknownst to society, for one’s convenience.

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Et Paradisi

Inter Terram et Caelum … There is a world, seemingly alien yet within the perimetry of the extragalactic nebula, a land which is not of Earth yet is accessible through the south celestial pole or through portals predominantly large in Portuguese-speaking nations. South East Asia is still the central region and crossroads for access to such worlds, for thereon were the first landmass to have been formed in the old world.

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