À L’Éternité

A heartbeat, between split-beat of Breath how burn the Sun within, Crying .., the Name, missing in silence Only Gods feel, angels eulogise between a man, a woman, between now, then … amidst veils, shadows perched cast like a play of Sun, and Night Of Life, and Death I trace the hardness of the heart … Continue reading À L’Éternité

Amidst You

I sit amidst You, My Love rubbing shoulders, extending hugs, not in violent blows slithered across your neck slaughtered as in bestial rituals of command .., and conquer I sit amidst You, My Love These tears, pearls they formed To grace the finger of your Chosen beloved whose heart’s Devoid of life, the idol you … Continue reading Amidst You

Swan Song

To You, whom I embrace, in Love with Life There’s just ecstasy Without pain, blinded with contentment, lasting imagery masquerading metaphors Heaven knows, how felt must Feel, when eyes confront Darting shyness yet, wanting to be a part, in peace and perhaps somewhere in Love… To You, whom I comprise, in Love with Life How … Continue reading Swan Song