In Mortem, Sit Ipse Amor

Every word is an indication to a dance with the Queen. Death cares not if one is a Princely Pauper, or an Impoverished Prince.

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The Return

Neither of earth, nor of water combined; but the sought abandoned in the divine dance … The Kingdom of Love is found in the citadel of faithful longings, never apportioned.

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Pro Eo

An impression, a taste that fills the emptiness, yet essential grants the spirit the joy of return …

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Secundus Actus

The Second Act is the posthumous birth of of the Original Sin, that which is of Fire, is not that which is of Light

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Scintillant Comme les Étoiles

The Serpent was never in the Garden. The serpent is the journey that leads to the destination. Understand

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Each, are in [our] different yet similar worlds — some four, some none. Four is the form perfected where dimensions, and frequencies are fully experienced consciously … Word. Attributes. Name. Verb; all in One. Breath.

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Damnant Quodnon Intelligunt

L’amour véritable est une indication de celui qui retourne à son état d’origine de l’absence de la forme … la lumière qui brûle jamais dans le cœur paisible

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