Aurora Lucem Umbris

Real writers do not just write churning letters out of nothing — one must have a memory, a past to recall an unforgettable observation, an unveiling, like a love affair — It’s anguish, it’s pain, it’s joy.

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Ultima Materia

“Is someone waiting in line?”
“No,” the voice whispered. Good, I thought. Now I can rest. At least gaze at the sunrise in Kurdistan.

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In Itinere Aeta

When you are busy pulling people, the other to your fire, when will you have time to realise your final state of purity when Scension arrives.

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Il più semplice, ma più doloroso … il suo nettare delicato è la salvezza, la trascendenza dell’anima per l’eternità — L’Amore.

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Viri Memoriæ

The construct therein each world within the multiverse, which are now being researched by terrestrial secular scientists trying to match both physical and spiritual worlds in their significance to the whole tells us through their story telling, and through our own intellection when translated and read, are of stories of how each frequency-wave, based on the libration, in the seemingly state of emptiness, how the painting is brought forth.

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Liber de Tenebris

Sure, its daunting but it’s not the end of the world — there is no reason why introverts need to bring and share their fabulousness introversive state to meet clients. Leave them at home, preferably in the microwave or the freezer.

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Speculum Dolor

In a world of mirrors, not everything need be reflected; reflections as much an illusion for the mind to decipher, is nothing but a footprint, a trace of the chapters we weave, in civilisations, and histories. Understand.

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