In loco, In Quo Cogitat — II

What matters is often not what really matters in the in-time conditioned world — like why kids still gobble Nutella, Goober and Président on toasts. O I had that for breakfast. Décadent innit ?!

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La Chiave di Luce

Anche se i percorsi al mio castello, sono porte, c’è una porta di Luce, che separa tra voi e Me. Trovare questa Luce in te, e con questa chiave, sarete in grado di entrare nel castello — AainaA-Ridtz A R Continue reading La Chiave di Luce


In Paradiso Voluptatis

The mind is a precious chamber too beautiful to waste on trivial pursuits, and … escapades unless it leads to the victory of purpose of your being on Earth.

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Celeritas Luminis

The deftness of thought switching from one state to another, does not necessarily require the change of form from one state to the other, for there are, for example within scension both that are ascensive and descensive …

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In Frigore

If you only needed my presence, then every moment would be magical. Every touch, every word, every sigh.

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In loco, In Quo Cogitat — I

I have been busy deferring what needs done — tweaking my startup business model — O the down-pillow is too comfy, it defeats its purpose of not being cuddled!. Its a delightful idea in a chaotic world filled with everything a child would be elated … however much openness is required for an unveiled mind, it is still a jungle out there — assuming inwardly its something else.

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In Agris Dei

It takes noetic intricacy, engagement, to revert to clarity, to just be .., when needed as name, label, limitation;

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