In Virtute Commercium

Do you know what a plasma cloud does to one who has the ability to manipulate it as a shield amongst others? A WMD is nothing compared to the powers of Life.

It is 39°C with sixty-two percent humidity where I currently am. I have melted a thousand times today as I write these words and that is not an exaggeration. I could ask for a storm, but I’m not in the West and they will suffer the delights of my follies. I have been after-all, labelled by the limited as the frozen, Ice Queen, and they’ve also made a movie with the namesake, produced by Disney whom I admired as a child. So the friend pokes you, and makes fun of you not knowing they’re making a mockery of themselves in the end.

Good for them. One up in the binary.

Between these scorching moments, I have had an Apple shake, a bowl of five slices of Japanese sweet potatoes for breakfast. I am contemplating lunch at eleven Parisian time, but everything in the frigidaire calls for either a grilling, steaming, blanching or sauté-ing. I like my food fresh, and raw. No, I’m not a Vampire although the idea is très intéressant … it would mean reverting to the past in the hierarchy of the illusion, and no you do not meet the future there, even if you consider the in-time as circular, you’d still not meet the future unless you’re referring to the in-time states. The in-time states are the measurements and translation of energies in the temporal dimensions, which includes different eras and civilisations throughout the extragalactic nebula.

It was the intervention, which made it possible. The moment when it was decided that things would scend like the beginning of a consumed breath. Where the neanderthalian reverted to the anthropoid state instead of transcended, and in that instant which could translate as thousands Earth years or a twinkling of Denebola or Pollux which happens to be in the lowest dimension, transformed those poor sods into a lower species … ask the twelve plus one tribes they ought remember that part of history; just like what had happened with the Ancients when they transmigrated, and prior the conception of the current-day small-cranium Egyptians or Earth species; or the inception of horses before they took form. Can you imagine a penny-sized headed ant the size of a micron or two bobbling here and there — it would be frighteningly cruel and imbalanced.

There is beauty in the balance of form, and non-form. Ugliness is a perspective, the veiled mind plays with its universe.

The current Earth state has changed immensely. If one compares the remaining land area to the population, it is well-balanced, there is more than enough area on Earth for everyone to become stars. Ofttimes politicians, and arrogant self-proclaimed efficient humans, politicise who should be removed, and who should stay on. I’d have my say when its time … surely those who hurry to judge ought know where they stand in the origination. As for nature, it balances itself without having been told; but when mankind intervenes and start destroying the repercussions for the species will not be tolerated. The backlash is severe. Sink holes, freezing points, elemental storms and floods are nothing when seen from the future. To the ones in the painting it can be a scene from Armageddon, a play similar to say Macbeth, or the passions between the soulless and the soul train.

Can you see, and understand where I’m coming from?

Even the species are small. The average human height is only what, hundred eighty three centimetres comparatively to the previous giants, and no, they weren’t what theorists call, aliens. The much taller ones with elongated craniums, those forefathers of Tutankhamen, who built the Pyramids were, and they had devices to lift and carve from the quarries. You would have remembered if you were one of them, or you were jotting memories created in the fields of gold. They’ve transmigrated elsewhere in the universe. But all that is in the perspectives isn’t it — how vulnerable minds tend to see reflections of themselves in the chain.

It is fifteen hundred as I jot these words, and I’ve missed lunch, and you. The temperature has descended seven notches and wind knots of about one point one thereabouts. Rest was much needed. I had a brush with death three weeks ago, and am convalescing. Death is such a beautiful closure, like an end of a love affair, but it never is the end where Love is concerned … until you’re being harshly told off indirectly and it becomes a pause only to be picked up later out of courtesy, as in a dance or reassigned for some menial until a seizure is experienced, like the cutting of the umbilical for most Tellurians.

The lover experiences more than a moment in-time deaths, and dreams. The commoner, once for they are oblivious to even a mundane reality and their torments, the energy conversion or reversion if they failed to transcend that is, is experienced when impressions are gifted. Not everything needs transcribing and explained right? One has to experience these on one’s own journey. I am glad to say it no longer is within my jurisdiction to talk of Earth’s future, not that it ever fascinates me. The past would have to make amends if it needs a proper closure or a continuance. Even Nick would seriously have to consider his stay in the unlit worlds.

I like the idea of transit — in the pause, there is always an occasion, a possibility of tweaking. Change is good but it must be for a purpose. In critical thinking, reasonable and responsible ratiocinates are essential. That in itself is a branch that plays a role in the future of a past, a future of the present. Irrational thinking is allowed as well, for how could the future be if it weren’t. One has to be reminded that the future of humanity is not in its glories, nor in all its intellect properties patented or otherwise — the future marks whether the Tellurians are capable of transcending, and there are repercussions when the universal system is not met. Its like a test if you’d like. No one ascends overnight and even in a blink of an eye, it is because the civilisation has proven its worth.

The only war that is currently being false-flagged is a modus that has failed since WW2. There are no more wars. Humanity as a whole must transcend. They either ascend or descend. Surely the intelligent binary would know the difference, of their heavens and of their hells.

The product is itself the structure that holds the content. Without these, it is nothing.

The intangibleness of that which is limited and the tangible-ness of that which is limitless is immense, and taking that into consideration one understands the condition of automation in the template, but we shan’t open the discussion to thinking in that palette, for each frequency in itself is, unfortunately for some who dislike the idea of development, an eternity.

Mobile networks aren’t the future — It is part that collectively concretise minds to exchange, in the interactions, energies of the binary. One has to go through the core of the past towards the present’s present which ties with the infrastructures of the past, to catch a glimpse, drafting the blueprints, implement, manage and simultaneously, not only through research, launch whilst maintaining the synchronicity of events.

The mechanics of the future, is in the past. To truly travel, linear or circular in-time, one needs to not only understand the mundane, but also synchronise the energies. O were you thinking of entanglements? That’s where the asynchronisation software comes in — one reboots with that, to jolt and convert. Its like the swing before the golfer hits the eighteenth hole.

The Internet is like The Archive except that its cosmetics aren’t Chanel or Carita. Its a crucible of energies flowing and concretising to a melting point as a language filled with the conjectures (negativities), and creation (positivities). When I write creation, I meant it as both the infrastructure as well as the messages that parse through — art, literature, music, which require a sensibility of the soul to translate, that which is hidden. These are in itself binary-structured as well as that which is frozen, cold, as in the case of technologies, the platform which is needed in your current civilisation to house, like a publisher the content before distributing it to the masses. The product is itself the structure that holds the content.

Without these, it is nothing.

Content marketing and distribution is essential in business only when its syndicated. Licensed. The Chief Editor is eagle-eyed and knows exactly what is fact, what is fiction, from a non-perspective reality. Always from that angle.

Future of Tellurian Networks

The social network will extend beyond the common Facebook and Google epiphenomenon. It is the collective where one identity can access any platform with only one password — the password could be a chip, a biometric device, a communication device, anything that connects the binary (user) to its curating pad, its home base, its eye.

The hardware or corporeal encoded password is a DNA fingerprint with the identity of the user and each portal access, will have the identification level stringed and appended with its own classification, and code. These additional data is only used as a database to study the flow of energies, its interaction, and understand from perspectives how it can in itself, mathematically, evolve in the super intelligence of the Social AI and its brain, which itself is the exchange of energies between platform and binary. It will also deter identity theft, in case a device is misappropriated.

The collective has several stratum, as in hierarchy, unlike the current infrastructure — each pad will, like a limited fractal have all the data required at the same time, have access to all other levels subject to its appended code. In the PiDNA, the picture image of the collective DNA, will trigger a sequence which is translated and generated to communicate with all non-connected energies in the proximity of the grid without having to rely on the base energy of the platform. Mobile networks will converge as one entity, and as a MaaS will serve the collective without glitches. Profits and financial mechanics will work the same as CaaS, backed by gold, or silver.

Existing social networks will no longer be a monopoly but nodes in the grid, each having a zero-door policy. Each creator will conform and secure its product as a node which will facilitate interchange for each binary. Each access will translate into an exchange, in EnEx (currency). This is where content creators (artists, musicians, writers, scientists, culturati, etcetera) earn in the exchange. Nodes advertising will take the form of sponsorship in terms of hardware or education in the grid, and will be responsible for the binary’s interest in the pad.

The social brain will transcend as a unified entity, or enciphered as AI for the future of mechatronics.

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