An Trong Noi, Ngoi Trong Huong

There’s a thousand and one reasons as to why people leave — one, which is inevitable, is to reach ‘there’, that destination, the dreaded or most awe-inspiring locality, new or familiar.

I oftentimes leave, to leave the past behind {quite redundant isn’t it?} and sometimes to regain the girth between here-now, and thereafter like a category eleven does on its toes.

Just the mention of Saigon brings an exotic feel … suddenly a flush of imageries intoxicate my mind — silk, ao dai, coffee, war-torn humility, the naïveté of rebirth. The little I know of Vietnam is when the Americans went on a hunting spree, and the colonialists, to pander into slavery. Everything which dehumanises the Asians into submissions of sorts … to break them, to ingratiate them, and then to condition them to do their biddings in the name of civilisation.

Descending Ho Chi Minh Topography

It is in this name of so-called civilisation, this fictional illusive flow that energises the karmic crescendo to a vibrational tilt, orgasmic in nature that springs Vietnam out of the ashes. When a people has experienced hell, the only dénouement can only begin in blessedness.

Architecture — Hotel Continental Saigon

Ho Chi Minh City promises acres of opportunities — there are of course venues for those with talent to auspicate, to venture into because success just needs a bed, a field of ideas and of impressions, and the scents become ineluctable. Then there are also campaigns and humanitarian movements set to change how this part of the world contemplates.

Business Trends

The six key industries prioritised for development by 2030 when considering investing or collaborating with Vietnam are …

— Automotive
— Electronics
— Agricultural Machinery
— Food Processing
— Shipbuilding
— Environment and Energy

Visiting Mekong’s Fish Farm

The trip we took across the Mekong was to discover how the natives lived because we’ve been indoctrinated subtly by certain local agencies that to appreciate Malaysia’s macro development, is to visit a ‘nth’ world country which is bereft of any civilisation — this is one of the many reasons as to why I’d rather leave than stay.

The Saigonese have had very hard lives but they were a proud stock, with refined appreciation, and I wondered, if that was the only cause of their downfall when China, the French, the Japanese {I have been told} and the regional tribes, Thailand and Cambodia in sequence contained rather then colonised these minds.

The Delta’s Rural Musicians performing

The villages were incredibly neatened and void of any form of stench, perhaps the air was still ‘that’ afternoon, but villages in Asia especially in peak humidity levels are filled with whiffs of staleness, and the malodour … perhaps because these villages were spared of rubbish, sandy gardens were paved neatly and combed throughout, and the idea of flowers bordering the homes were to deter Mephistopheles from it … these would make model settlements for Malaysia since it can get terribly pongy and unnaturally unpicturesque {and I’m being kind}.

Villages are kept clean … no rubbish dumping in sight!

Villages in Malaysia are augean, and environments are rarely kept clean — we sometimes wonder in such civilisation aren’t these countrymen most of them urbanised at least dignified, and the question remains to be answered, even in the cities.

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
Royal Centre Now Zone
{Free} WiFi Hotspot Password: saigonbean

Our escapade through the outskirts brought us to green pastures of paddy fields through crossing the Mekong in a simple motorboat, passing through fish farms and visiting islands to savour sweet Vietnamese Elephant-Ear pond-reared fish rolled in rice paper and dipped in Tamarind sauce. The trip back, in our little wooden sampans made for an adventurous experience.

Opera House Saigon

BitExco Financial Tower SkyDeck

Despite the setbacks, Ho Chi Minh is a growing city. It is sprawling and each district with its eight-lanes streets are a sight to behold. There are many nooks and corners for the eager photographer, or the poet to pen words of courage, or wisdom.

Louis Vuitton on Le Loi Avenue

Getting excited in our little sampans as we rowed through the canals lined with water coconuts.


— An Trong Noi, Ngoi Trong Huong {Vietnamese Proverb} … “When you eat, check the pots and pans; When you sit, check the direction.”

Vietnam Tourism
Saigon SkyDeck
Saigon Street Eats’

All imageries, courtesy and copyright AainaA-Ridtz A R, shot on Olympus XZ-1

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